About Us


Our mission is to provide a high-quality education in a safe environment that will ensure success for every student through excellence in teaching and providing vast opportunities for learning. The Clinton Elementary School strives to be an innovative leader in education. The mission of our school also entails continuously examining and adapting our curriculum and services to meet the needs of all students, the future of our global society.


A high-quality education is the fundamental right of every child. All children will be treated to receive the respect, encouragement, and opportunities they need to build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be successful, contributing members of a global society. Our vision is to have all students at a proficient level of understanding in all areas of the curriculum by the end of grade three.


Ensure success for every student by:

  • Providing an effective instructional program.
  • Strengthening productive partnerships for education.
  • Creating a positive work environment in a self-renewing organization.
  • Providing high-quality educational services.