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                                                  Clinton Elementary Staff 2020-2021

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Principal's Message: Welcome

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Dear Clinton Parents and Guardians, 

We are excited and delighted to be serving as your children here at William J. Clinton STEM Elementary. Our staff at Clinton Elementary is excited that your child will be attending our school this upcoming year. 

Thank you,




Estimados padres y tutores de Clinton: 

Saludos a todos nuestros padres y tutores. Estamos emocionada y encantada de tener a sus hijo(as) por otro año aquí en la Primaria William J. Clinton. 


Campus Behavior Coordinator

Dr. S. Cerda

Assistant Principal 

Campus Behavior Coordinator




We are proud to say 100% of our teachers, special population teachers, administration, and clerical are connected to parents via Classdojo.

You must contact your child’s teacher to receive login code for your child’s individual teacher.

Once you have the code click on this link to login.